Five Life lessons from Catriona

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There’s something about Catriona Gray that makes her very likeable and inspiring. Her new video, “One Minute with Catriona Gray” shows her fast-thinking and fast-talking as she answers a series of questions from an off-cam interviewer.

Well, as her fans know, Catriona is not only smart and quick-thinking but also very articulate–and really has a lot of stock knowledge and intelligence. So it’s no wonder that she takes up 1 minute and 53 seconds instead.

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But we learn so much not only about her but her values, a few secrets to her success, and how important it is for each of us,  every millennial out there in the world and in cyberspace, to do five things:


1) Know who we are; 2) Find what we love to do; 3) To Live an Empowered, Authentic Life by applying  #1 and #2;  4) To always give our best in reaching for our dreams; and 5) To still prioritize enjoying life in our own way–and not get too caught up in work and other serious stuff, to laugh and see the lighter side of things.


Catriona herself is a model of how she applies these lessons in her own life.  As she points out, it’s useless and stressful to compare ourselves with others. Especially nowadays when it’s so easy to go on social media and see these seemingly perfect people and seemingly perfect lives. If we keep on comparing ourselves and our lives to theirs, we will soon feel pressured to keep up and become unhappy.

It’s still the best option to know one’s true self and identity.  Like when Catriona, during her Miss Universe campaign, assembled her own team: she picked out people who were close to her and understood her values, her taste, and who she is as a person.

As for doing what she loves, she’s thankful for opportunities that allow her to do just that. “I’ve had the chance to travel, to help street children,  to pursue hobbies and passions. But now I have a chance to do that and more not just for myself but other millennials. This is because of the Find Your Way Campaign of BDO that I’m now a part of,” Catriona said.


BDO’s Find Your Way Campaign seeks to provide millennials with knowledge and opportunities on how to find their own ways in creating the life that they want.

“There is no one path to success. Each of us has his (or her) own path. We each have to find our own way.” This summarizes the important message that Catriona shared in her collaboration video with BDO.

The purpose of the campaign is to empower millennials to find their own ways to success, happiness, and self-discovery, without engaging in stressful comparisons. Through positive messages that Catriona and BDO are sharing online, more millennials will find their own ways to fulfill and achieve their dreams.


To know more about BDO’s Find Your Way campaign, visit


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