Sunday, April 21, 2024


Five Reasons to switch to an eSIM with Smart now

Do you have an eSIM-capable device but are still unsure whether you should upgrade to an eSIM? Here are five compelling reasons to finally switch to a Smart eSIM and maximize its benefits.

Is HONOR Magic6 Pro Coming to the Philippines? 

The HONOR Magic6 Pro received rave reviews at its global launch, setting new standards for flagship smartphones and earning accolades from tech experts worldwide. 

Empowering Communities for Sustainable Land Management

With increasing numbers of changing and extreme weather patterns due to the climate crisis, forests will continue to be in a dire state, as there will be potential decreases in coffee, palm oil, sugar cane, and corn production across Southeast Asia. In the Philippines, the problem comes with a conundrum, as there is a risk of a hunger crisis, exacerbated by the pandemic. Therefore,  the question is how do we increase the protection of our forest without impacting our food security.

Born to Bloom: BEVI comes of age, dominates industries as it reaches its 18th...

BEVI navigated the competitive landscape with grit, creativity, and dynamic strategy at its very core, guided by its desire to foster genuine connection with the market.

ARIA : This Boracay Italian Restaurant is 21 years old and counting

Established in 2003 on world-renowned Boracay island, the 21-year-old beachfront restaurant stands the test of time with its authentic cuisine, owned by entrepreneurs Juan Elizalde and Paolo Occhionero, under the leadership of Italian Executive Chef, Salvatore Vincentis. Vincentis’ delectable and authentic creations continue to wow people from all over the world

Turn Up the Summer Fun with Samsung’s Hot Deals on QLED TVs and Soundbars

 Bring thrill, pleasure, and excitement to your doorstep this summer with Samsung’s hot deals on its QLED, Neo QLED, OLED and Crystal UHD TVs and soundbars and sound towers from April 1 to May 31, 2024. Samsung, the Global No. 1 TV and soundbar brand, offers special discounts on its TVs and soundbars so you can enjoy a cinematic and immersive experience in the comfort of your home.

Must-see romance film Under Parallel Skies hits Shangri-La Plaza  

Shangri-La Plaza, a long-time champion of world cinema, rolled out a special screening of summer’s hotly anticipated romantic drama Under Parallel Skies with the film’s Filipino lead Janella Salvador at the Red Carpet Cinema on April 17, 2024

Maple Tree House: Redefining Korean Barbecue in the Philippines

Maple Tree House, the acclaimed Korean barbecue sensation hailing from Seoul, Korea, is ready to captivate the taste buds of Filipino food aficionados with its grand opening on April 15, 2024. Brought to the Philippines by Viva Skylar Food Inc./Viva International Food and Restaurant Inc., this franchise vows to introduce an unmatched dining affair to discerning patrons who appreciate the blend of tradition and innovation in Korean gastronomy.

Ivana Alawi is the new Infinix ambassador: Here’s how she powers up with Infinix...

Known for her entertaining and relatable vlogs, Ivana always makes sure to power up her days so she has the energy to finish all her tasks. With the Infinix NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G, Ivana is able to work and entertain herself throughout the day without worrying about her phone battery reaching zero. She also uses her Infinix smartphone to update her millions of followers on her upcoming projects.

Federal Land’s The Grand Midori Ortigas: Primed to be an Urban Domain of Zen

In today's fast-paced world where every moment seems filled with the bustle of daily life, finding moments of tranquility and inner peace is becoming increasingly vital. The Grand Midori Ortigas by premier real estate developer Federal Land, Inc. offers two towers of Zen living in the heart of Ortigas Center, fostering simplicity, harmony, and balance.