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All Smiles for Summer: Your Guide to Oral Health Amidst Adventure

All Smiles for Summer: Your Guide to Oral Health Amidst Adventure

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Make Listerine Total Care your oral care buddy this summer!



 With the peak of summer approaching, our schedules are heating up just like the weather, as everyone is beginning to schedule their travel plans and make the most of the sun-soaked days ahead. Before jumping into your exciting plans, make sure to not only prioritize protecting your outward appearances, but also your oral health. Ensuring that your smiles remain as bright as the summer sun amidst the adventure.

To keep your smile bright and your mouths healthy, here’s your quick guide to keeping your oral health at tip-top shape in the midst of your summer plans– curated by Macoy Dubs, Mikee Reyes, and Camille Neri.


  1. Stay hydrated at all times


If there’s one thing Lisa B, Aunt Julie, and Macoy Dubs’ many personas can agree on– it’s to stay hydrated this summer! Macoy Dubs shares that he stays hydrated to prevent dehydration and to keep his body cool overall. He notes, “Hydration is key, mga kaibigan! Especially during the scorching summer heat. Water is like fuel for our bodies, keeping us energized and functioning well,” Macoy also notes how staying hydrated is also one way to keep his oral health in shape, “Hydration isn’t just about quenching thirst; it’s also crucial for maintaining good oral health. Drinking water helps flush out food particles and bacteria that can lead to tooth decay and bad breath. Plus, it promotes saliva production, which is our natural defense against oral diseases.”


Studies show that our mouths are more prone to become dry because of the warmer weather. A dry mouth can create an environment in which bacteria thrive. Saliva plays a crucial role in washing away food particles and bacteria from the mouth. When saliva production decreases due to dehydration or dry mouth, it can lead to an accumulation of bacteria, increasing the risk of oral health issues such as cavities, plaque, and gum disease. Bacteria that brushing alone cannot eradicate. That’s why you need a mouthwash like Listerine to reach the whole mouth and kill the germs that cause bad breath, plaque, and gum problems brushing alone misses.




This is why Macoy Dubs makes it a point to include Listerine Total Care in his routine on top of staying hydrated, to help keep the germs away.


  1. Maintain a consistent and thorough oral care regimen, even on the go


As a former athlete, broadcaster, and content creator, Mikee Reyes thrives on established habits. He comments how integrating Listerine into his oral care regimen lessened his encounters with plaque, “Ever since I started integrating Listerine into my oral care regimen, I’ve noticed a significant reduction in plaque build-up,” Mikee is a firm believer that well established habits lead to good outcomes, “During my appointments, my dentist noticed that there was less plaque build-up, and that my teeth haven’t been developing cavities or signs of gum problems which mean that my oral health is in its most ideal state. Now, I don’t need to worry about oral problems in the middle of all my summer plans.”




Clearly, he makes sure he never skips all the steps of his routines, completing his oral hygiene routine by using Listerine Total Care after every brush.

Miggy Gamboa, Kenvue Philippines’ marketing manager, shares how having a thorough oral care regimen frees the millions of Filipinos from being held back by various oral diseases, “Being able to prevent the common oral health issues such as plaque, cavities, and gum problems lessens the burdens faced by the common Filipino allowing them to focus more on enjoying the adventures that summer brings without the worry of dental discomfort or pain holding them back.”


  1. Be more proactive in protecting oneself from the heat and from germs


Camille Neri is a firm believer of what she calls ‘life upgrades’ – things or habits that lead to one experiencing an improved quality of life. To her, being more proactive to keep herself protected from the summer heat also includes her adopting a regular sunscreen routine, carrying a refillable water bottle everywhere she goes, and even indulging herself with a cool, sweet treat here and there. Camille’s proactivity also extends to her protecting her oral health from germs, details the importance of consistency in oral care. “Maintaining oral health is a commitment, especially during the summer when we’re more prone to indulging in treats and drinks that can harm our teeth. With Listerine Total Care as part of my daily routine, I feel confident knowing that I’m giving my mouth the protection it needs, no matter what adventures the summer brings.”




So, as we embrace the adventures that summer brings, let’s remember to always stay hydrated, maintain a consistent and thorough oral health routine, and be more proactive in protecting ourselves from external aggressors. Let’s not forget to prioritize our oral health and integrate Listerine Total Care into our daily routine. With a bright smile and a healthy mouth, we’re ready to seize every moment of the sun-soaked season ahead.


Your oral care regimen can now be with you on your summer adventures– Listerine Total Care comes in travel-friendly sizes that give you #CompleteMouthProtection on the go. Shop now at the official Listerine Lazada and Shopee shops, or in the nearest drugstore or supermarket nearest you.