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Witness the Dragon in flight as it welcomes the new year at Shangri-La Plaza

Witness the Dragon in flight as it welcomes the new year at Shangri-La Plaza

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Shang raises the bar with its inspired and majestic Chinese New Year décor



No one does Lunar New Year revelry like Shangri-La Plaza. Year after year, it transforms its spaces into an exciting spot for soaking in all the good fortune and warding off the bad. As we enter the Year of the Wood Dragon, Shang is pulling out all the stops with its Feast and Fortune: Enter the Dragon celebrations, designed to give revelers a grand time steeped in culture and tradition.


Welcoming you at the Shang is a majestic dragon, gilded and radiant in red, suspended in the air as it soars into the Grand Atrium to usher in luck and prosperity. It’s draped in flowers and leaves as the Wood Dragon is linked to nature, and its verdant forests and floralscapes represent growth and abundance.

The Lunar New Year heralds the arrival of spring, so Shang’s inspired décor includes plum blossoms, signifying the turning of the season. As the first to bloom even in cold and harsh weather, these flowers embody hope, perseverance, and the fleeting nature of life. The plum blossom holds significant meaning in Chinese culture, featured in both ancient and modern literature for the symbolism it stands for.


To illuminate the atrium and give it a more festive flair, it is also decked in auspicious red lanterns and fans given that this vibrant color signifies happiness, abundance, and protection against evil. Completing the look are lucky clouds, considered a good omen as they bring life-giving rain and serve as a gateway to heaven.


Lunar New Year at Shang is never complete without an array of activities that makes the festive occasion even more jubilant. Don’t miss the highly anticipated Grand Fireworks Display and the cherished tradition of the Dragon and Lion Dance Performance on February 9, 7PM at the Internal Road. The latter is kicked off by the must-see eye-dotting ceremony, a practice performed to “awaken” the dragon and the lion before they dance to share blessings for the new year.


Greet the Year of the Wood Dragon in the most spectacular way possible. Shangri-La Plaza is magical with Feast and Fortune: Enter the Dragon on February 9.


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