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Spotting Scoliosis Through Striped Shirt: Do the #StripesFitCheck With ScoliosisPH

Spotting Scoliosis Through Striped Shirt: Do the #StripesFitCheck With ScoliosisPH

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In celebration of Scoliosis Awareness Month in June, the Scoliosis Philippines Support Group, Inc. launched #StripesFitCheck, a campaign that made early detection and awareness of scoliosis an accessible effort.


Scoliosis affects around 3 million Filipinos. This spine-curving condition often appears in late childhood or early adolescence, affecting more girls than boys. Early detection is crucial for managing scoliosis and avoiding serious treatments like bracing or surgery.

Fit Check for a Cause

The #StripesFitCheck campaign puts a playful spin on social media “fit checks” by turning them into a simple yet effective method to spot scoliosis early. Here’s how you can join the movement:


  1. Act as if you are doing a “Get Ready With Me (GRWM)” or a “Fit Check”. Then wear a fitted horizontal striped shirt.
  2. Reveal this is a check for Scoliosis. Stand against a plain wall or grid, relax, and see if shoulders, hips, and ribs are leveled.
  3. If you or the kid’s striped shirt is not leveled, consult a doctor.
  4. Ask others to do the #StripesFitCheck for awareness!


This simple self-check is an easy but powerful tool in identifying the condition early, enabling timely medical intervention that can prevent the progression of spinal deformities and mitigating potential complications, such as chronic pain and respiratory issues thereby improving the overall quality of life for those affected.



Heroes for Scoliosis


Catriona Gray, Miss Universe 2018, famously dazzled the world with her “lava walk,” overcoming the challenges of scoliosis to shine on stage. Having been diagnosed at the age of 12, after her growth spurt, she mentioned the importance of early diagnosis.

Scoliosis doesn’t have to be a limiting condition. If diagnosed early, great progress can be made in limiting the progression of the angle of the curve, and the pain experienced throughout one’s life,” she said, adding that she hoped her story would encourage people. “Despite chronic pain, different shapes and sizes, proportions and angles—that YOU are capable of whatever dream arises in your heart!”


Among the notable personalities joining her in raising awareness for the cause through their #StripesFitCheck posts are Carla Abellana, Inka Magnaye, Clare Inso, Mariztella Lat, among many others.


“Scoliosis often goes unnoticed until it’s advanced. With the #StripesFitCheck campaign, we empower individuals to proactively manage their health and seek early medical advice,” says Amanda Bonife, Founder of Scoliosis Philippines Support Group, Inc.



For more details about scoliosis and the #StripesFitCheck campaign, visit Scoliosis Philippines and follow @ScoliosisPH on Instagram.