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P&G delivers love and support to single moms, pregnant women with Pampers’ empowering campaign

P&G delivers love and support to single moms, pregnant women with Pampers’ empowering campaign

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There are 14.2 million single mothers in the Philippines. Single moms are doing the work of two parents, often sacrificing their own needs for the sake of their children. Some also experience financial struggles and lack of support systems while raising their kids.

Pampers, the trusted brand of baby care products by Procter and Gamble (P&G), launched the campaign #MoreThanGold in 2022 in partnership with World Vision’s Go Baby Go! (GBG) Parenting Program to help assist moms and pregnant women on the first 1,000 days of their babies—when their physical, emotional, cognitive growth needs a nurturing environment for them to be healthy.

According to UNICEF Philippines, 27 out of 1,000 Filipino children are at risk of not reaching their development potential before turning 5 years old. Go Baby Go’s program takes a caregiver-centric approach, empowering moms with knowledge to help them establish the foundation needed for lifelong learning during their children’s early development.

Pampers and World Vision Development Foundation (WVDF) collaborated to bring a parenting program to six districts in Quezon City. The program included learning sessions with single mothers and nutritionally-at-risk pregnant women, where they received valuable parenting strategies from experts. World Vision covered ten topics, including Holistic Child Development, Sensitive and Responsive Caregiving, Importance of Play and Communication, Well-being for Caregivers, and Babies’ Physical, Cognitive, and Social and Emotional Development. Following the sessions, WVDF’s trained community health workers conducted personalized home visits for regular consultations.

Go Baby Go (GBG)! Beneficiaries with Pampers’ representative Charm Banzuelo (P&G’s Sr. Communications Manager), and World Vision Philippines Representatives Ms. Diana-Marie Nachor (World Vision Health and Nutrition Technical Specialist) and Ms. Wichelle Cruz (World Vision’s Private Sector Partnerships Manager).

GBG Beneficiaries and representatives from Pampers, World Vision, and the Quezon City Health Office

In addition to enhancing their understanding of their babies’ early development, the program also focuses on supporting the self-care of single mothers. It provides them with strategies and guidance to prioritize their own wellbeing while caring for their infants.

“I realized how important it is to cultivate a safe and healthy environment for me and my baby and to form strong bonds with them as early as possible. I am now applying the lessons I’ve learned to my nine-month-old baby. I am so blessed to be part of this program and I’m grateful to the Go Baby Go council, World Vision, and Pampers,” said Felisa Kaye Isip, a Go Baby Go beneficiary from Quezon City District 5.

Following the success of the initial campaign, Pampers is poised to launch the 2nd leg of #MoreThanGold in WVDF’s community in Cebu later this year.

“We greatly admire the determination and resilience of all mothers including single moms and other mother figures, and we wholeheartedly celebrate their heroism within the communities we serve. P&G Philippines and Pampers proudly support and honor mothers who play a vital role in creating a nurturing and healthy environment for Filipino families and communities,” says Charm Banzuelo, Senior Communications Manager for Pampers Philippines.

P&G and Pampers Philippines believe that when moms are healthy and happy, the entire family and community are uplifted too. P&G, alongside its renowned household brands, remains committed to making a meaningful impact and promoting inclusivity among its employees and the communities it serves. This collective effort is aimed at improving the lives of all its consumers.

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