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How to Deal With Me


How to Deal With Me

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Deal With Me

Playing games nowadays is one of the best ways to alleviate boredom and loneliness, despite the fast pace movement of life games will always be there to comfort you. However, it’s a fact that not all video games have the same effect on a person, these effects can range from better reflexes, better memory, and even better knowledge. Games are a great way to reduce stress and get your mind off of things that usually weigh heavy in your minds, but not everyone is built for high paced gaming with genres like First-person Shooters or FPS, Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game or MMORPG, and even Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas or Moba. Some people like to take it easy and go the classic route with things like board games, and card games, truthfully I’m one of those people who like to play card games as well. However, playing with physical cards can get messy and tedious when setting up a game so sometimes I don’t even bother playing anymore.


What are card games?

On the surface, card games can’t get any more simple, it is a game facilitated for fun, gambling, or both. Card games are characterized to be a game of chance, luck, and other similar things to that, but in hindsight this game is actually a game of strategy and intellect.


Why play Card Games?

There have been many studies that have directly correlated the usage of Card Games frequently to help our brain adapt better to the aging process. People often believe that memory loss is exclusively related to aging and growing old, but lifestyle also plays a huge role in the decaying of our memory quality and retention. Sound mind in a Sound Body, these are the words of a Greek Philosopher named Socrates, this states that for you to be able to think clearly your body should be able to handle the process of thinking. Knowing the fact that the brain is part of the body surely you would also need to put effort into making sure your brain gets its fair share of exercise. Sure enough there have been studies as mentioned above regarding the positive effects of playing games for the continued development and health of our minds, and thankfully for those who don’t like how fast the games go in video games, physical games like card games still hold the same effect on your brain.


Video Games x Card Games

For my own preference, I like to play a lot of classic card games by myself, games like Spider Solitaire and Pyramid. These solo games usually take time to set-up though and so I have technology come to my rescue. Being fond of card games I searched up places which will allow me to play my favorite games with ease and no hassle. I recently came upon sites like Solitr, worldofsolitaire, but I also came up with the site This site not only has my favorites like Spider Solitaire and Pyramid, it also offers games such as Mahjong and even one of my new favorite card games that I recently discovered, Golf.


Lately, I have been playing card games in my down time a lot, and during this pandemic, time is all I’ve got. So to keep my brain sharp I wanted to do some mental gymnastics through card games that pose a puzzle and a challenge. Pyramid is a game where I had to strategically look at the whole pile to muddle my way through making pairs of thirteen. This was really challenging in the beginning, but after many failures I finally got used to it. This game really helped me in developing my pattern cognitive skills, it also allowed me to look at the bigger picture better, just knowing that my one move could cost me the whole game I came to become more patient and decisive. Another new game I found and came to love was Golf, this title would make you think that this game was the sport of hitting a small ball into a hole, but I was pleasantly surprised with how this game actually plays out. For this game you had to match your top card with a point up or down, and similarly it also helped me take a step back and look at the bigger picture better. All these games also help in basic math abilities, being exposed to numbers in card games earlier on has also been proven to be a way for children to develop their skills for math


Mental Gymnastics

Fighting off boredom while making sure your brain is in tiptop shape, sounds like a good deal to me, card games can be for all ages be them young or old. Having a hobby as we grow old can be the difference between graceful aging and otherwise. Games offer more than their fair share of benefits aside from entertainment, and card games are no exception