Are you eager to check out the latest gadgets to replace your sputtering one?  Do you want to find cute outfits for your virtual meetings? With the General Community Quarantine now in place, you can finally go back to Greenhills Malls, the undisputed shopping destination where you can find hundreds of stalls with all your gadget and technology needs, fashion and other unique finds.


  1. Latest Gadgets and Game Consoles at Affordable Prices


Whether you’re looking for the latest laptop or smartphone, or you’re out to check the latest games and gaming consoles, Greenhills Mall is still the place to go to. Here, you can find the biggest names and authorized sellers offering the widest assortment of devices and accessories to suit all needs and budgets. Check out these stores: Adams langco offers a wide range of DSLR Cameras, for your home schooling and WFH laptop and desktop needs you can check Faisal Maute and Charittie Abella for the latest game consoles.


  1. Accessory Heaven


What’s more, you can also find the paraphernalia you want, from computer bags, stands, holders, cases, and what have you, to match every device and gadget out there.  For cute and convenient gears for your gadgets, you can check these stores: Jamal Alawiya and Analyn Pacia.


  1. Fashion and Unique Finds


Of course, Greenhills Mall also has everything that you can possibly want at budget prices. Find fashion items, accessories, gift items, houseware, and whatever else suits your fancy in its many stores, bazaars, and tiangges. Choose from this wide selection assured that Greenhills has put in place the most stringent health protocols to make your shopping experience safe and convenient.


  1. Convenient Online Services


If you would rather order online and pick up the goods after, Greenhills makes it easy for you to safely collect all their essential needs from designated pick-up areas through the Click &


Collect program available from 10 AM – 7 PM (Monday to Thursday) and 10 AM – 8PM (Friday to Sunday). Avail of their Click & Collect services by calling 8-633-1580.




For those who need extra help with their shopping needs, Greenhills also launched My Home Dasher with MyKuya, Marshall Express, and Padyak to bring any and all your essentials from the mall. With My Home Dasher, customers are assured of their own safety and convenience, get special deals, and be able to buy from multiple vendors. Shop in three easy steps by first calling 0917-815-6640, sending your shopping list, and then settling the bill while waiting for your delivery. This is available from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m every day.


For more convenient shopping with MyKuya and Greenhills, you can also easily pay for your bills, shop for groceries, medicines, food, and other essentials—all from the safety of your home.


  1. Fitness-Focused


Recently, Greenhills Mall launched the Active Playground that promotes a convenient space for bikers, joggers, and people who want to have a leisurely workout throughout the day. For those customers who prefer to take their cars, Greenhills offers worry-free parking transactions with PayMaya terminals. You can even save time by getting a car wash while completing your shopping with Greenhills’ Shop N’ Wash. Mall-goers can request for the carwash service upon entering the parking ground of Greenhills Mall.


With all its offerings, you can definitely rediscover the joys of shopping and malling at Greenhills, where life’s many pleasures are celebrated.