10 Gifts for the wonderful women in your life

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March, the month to celebrate the people in our life who make it more special, women. Whether it’s your mom, your grandmother, a sister, a friend, or a colleague there will definitely be a woman in your life. As a matter of fact the first person you will ever get to know is your mother, from the moment your life buds in her womb to the day you are born. Women hold a special place in society, they are the nurturers of life, the people who are stronger beyond muscles. Women have cultivated beauty amidst the cruel world and continue to do so. So this month long celebration of the woman, there are a few gifts to make it more special and show your appreciation towards them more. As a woman and mother there are some things that I would love to receive this month, here is a list of 10 things that a woman might want to receive this month from the people around her.


  1. Bags
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No woman can ever say no to a nice new bag, personally I love bags that are both fashionable as well as pragmatic. A few shops to get the perfect bag for the women in your life, to get that fashionable and chic look, Herschel, is the perfect place to grab a bag that is cute and fashionable for that woman on the go. A very sporty look that still carries an air of fashion, Jansport, this brand prides itself in its bags that have become a household brand when it comes to the sporty looking bag for women. Bags are important to women for  carrying their everyday items while looking fashionable.


  1. Perfume


Smelling good, perfumes are loved by women of all ages and no woman is complete without her signature smell. Buying her a bottle or two would never hurt, from places like Jo Malone and L’Occitane en Provence with their own signature scents that would never go wrong for any woman. You can also, however, take them to places like the Scentsmith Perfumery and have them concoct their own creation using the scents that they love. Perfumes will always be a staple gift for women as smelling good is important to any woman, a no fault gift for that woman in your life.


  1. Variety products, Specialty Products


Cutesy products that women would love, from organizers, phone chargers, stuffed toys, neck pillows, and a multitude of other products that would make the life of any woman easier while keeping it cute. You can find products like these in stores like Miniso and Mumuso, stores where you would find anything you might need off the top of your head, you can also grab cute plushies and other stuff toys in Tickles. The perfect place to get that woman in your life to remember you by.


  1. Clothes


Fashion, clothes are important to women as they are able to use it to express themselves in ways words can not. Giving them pieces that can allow them to show the world who they are. Taking them to Tommy Hilfiger or Mark and Spencer for that chic vibe that any woman would want. Letting them choose from Zara for that nice and trendy look, or from Team Manila for some street wear. Buying them clothes for the outdoors is a good choice for the adventurous women from brands like The North Face. Giving clothes as gifts is a time and tested way to make any woman happy so long as you know what she wants, so be careful with this double-edged sword.


  1. Gadgets


Trusty new technology to assist them in their everyday lives is a very thoughtful and endearing gesture that would remind them of you whenever they use it. New laptops from Power Mac, to fuel their needs for fast and reliable laptops for either work or studies. New phones with amazing specs can also be found here, with Huawei as another brand of phones to look out for, with their powerful cameras and processors they’ll never have to worry about their phones from lagging. Technology in this fast-paced society can help them cope with the changes going on around them.


  1. Shoes – Res toe run, shoe salon, shoelution, pedro


Shoes, we love them, to collect or use, as a woman myself I would never say no to a new pair of shoes. When looking for casual shoes that I can wear for comfort in my day to day life it’s easy to find them from places like Res Toe Run, Shoe Salon, and Shoelution. A fix for a good pair of heels or formal shoes, Pedro is one of the places to get that cool formal shoes for work related activities.


  1. New hobby


The chance to learn a new hobby is always an appreciated gesture, a new sport, arts and crafts, or even a musical instrument. Learning a new skill that would allow a person to enjoy and entertain themselves. RJ Guitar would be a good place to get a basic guitar that they can learn playing from, the gift of a new skill is priceless and so will the memories you make together while doing these new activities.


  1. Watch

A beautiful timepiece to accentuate the wrist of a woman is a must. Watches are a great neutral accessory that any person should own. A bonus of giving a watch as a gift is that the receiver would be reminded of you everytime she checks her watch for the time. Elegant and simple watches can be found all over, Seiko a maker of affordable yet beautiful timepieces would be a perfect place to find that starter watch that won’t leave a hole in your pockets. A reminder of a beautiful and thoughtful gift whenever they glance at their wrist is a great way to tell someone you appreciate them.


  1. Travel Essentials – The travel club


Love travelling, but that suitcase of hers has put on the same amount of miles and has since needed to be replaced. Travel essentials for a person who loves to travel are important items for that fun and adventurous girl. A brand new suitcase, duffel bags, and other ways to store the important belongings of the person you’ll be giving this gift to. Travel Club would be a perfect one stop shop to find that perfect luggage bag to give, you can also find some other items that might be useful for that trip you should be planning for now.


  1. Jewelry


Shiny objects always attract anyone, and women are definitely no exception. A necklace, a pair of earrings, bangles, and bracelets, a staple accessory to complete that look that would take your breath away. Accessories, specifically jewelry, are nice gifts that would allow a woman to look even more eye-catching and beautiful. Brands like Pandora and Parfois are the perfect places to find that new piece to show your appreciation to the women in your life. A beautiful piece of jewelry will make any woman you give to happy, especially knowing that it came from someone they care for.


They say actions speak louder than words, so let’s show them that we love and care for them.


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