Happy Mother’s Day
As the old adage goes, “Behind every great man there’s a great woman.” Mayor Francisco Domagoso or
simply YORME, shares his heartwarming Mother’s Day message to a great woman behind his great
success and to all the Filipino MOMS – the Real VIPs!
Watch the full video at https://bit.ly/35O5F3S
As the elected City Mayor of Manila, endearingly called by most Filipinos as Yorme, he never wavered
amidst adversities hurled at him for taking several steps in making a better version of the city he fondly
calls his home and crowning glory.
On this special occasion, Yorme encourages all Filipino moms to be stronger for their families while
consciously maintaining a healthy work-life balance and to continue their selfless dedication amidst the
uncertainties of this pandemic war – “Believe in yourself! You’ve got nothing to lose.”
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