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– OYO adds 80,000 rooms to its chain of hotels globally every month, the same number of rooms the world’s top three hotels combined add per month
– An elite group of 1,300+ engineers, architects and designers renovated
– OYO has the capability to transform all facets of an asset at an average record time of 14 days depending on renovation intensity
– Technology-driven renovation and superior supply chain capabilities allow OYO to reduce costs and time
– A transformation app enables OYO to make sure to leverage the company’s tech capabilities to renovate the properties

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OYO Hotels and Homes, the no. 1 hotel chain in Southeast Asia and fastest growing chain of hotels in the Philippines, has set a new benchmark in transforming and renovating assets at a record time of 14 days, a significant improvement from the industry standard of 35 days to 90 days.

With a 1,200 OYOpreneur-strong team of civil engineers and designers in India, China and other international markets, OYO has powered the transformation of more than 9,000 assets across territories in 2018 while promoting sustainable infrastructure in the hospitality sector. OYO utilizes an AI-led design approach to evaluate guest feedback and identify their most-preferred design. This is further supported by its in-house design labs, OYOXDesign and Townhouse Design Team.

The company’s full-scale, capability-led model allows it to undertake a 360-degree transformation and renovation while upgrading the existing structure of an asset—from flooring, plumbing, air conditioning, painting, electrical fixtures to utilities upgrade. Technology-driven renovation and superior supply chain capabilities allow the company to reduce costs and shorten renovation time. To make the transformation seamless, OYO introduced a transformation app that enables the company to leverage its tremendous tech capabilities to renovate the properties. The app helps the team understand the transformation requirements of a property while giving cost estimates in addition to assigning tasks and tracking the pace at which the process is taking place. It also enables overall visibility on the TR process for all the respective stakeholders.

Since its launch early this year, OYO has transformed more than 260 asset hotels in the Philippines, producing more than 4,300 OYO-branded franchised rooms. Today, OYO is present in 22 cities in the country, including Boracay, Davao and Cebu. With an initial investment of $50 million and a commitment to extend OYO’s quality service and experience to travelers in the Philippines, OYO continues to transform properties across the country.

Sharing further details of the approach, Maninder Gulati, Chief Strategy Officer at OYO Hotels and Homes, said, ‘’OYO has introduced innovative processes and technology to the global hospitality landscape. We have heavily invested in the upgrade of assets that are part of our chain and made these structures efficient to fulfill the accommodation needs of our guests, resulting in higher yields for asset owners. As a full-scale hospitality and accommodations company, we have worked to improve our capabilities by onboarding strategic properties within a record span of three to 14 days and renovating and upgrading them by leveraging our design and engineering talent. This pace has also fueled our global expansion across China, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, among other markets, allowing us to add more than 64,000 rooms to our chain every month. We will continue to work toward sustaining this growth and steering closer to our mission of becoming the largest and most-preferred chain of hotels by 2023.’’

Ankit Gupta, OYO Philippines Country Head adds, “Our commitment to bring the quality hotels of OYO to the Philippines is as strong as our desire to serve the country better. We assure our asset owners and end users that OYO will continue to innovate and help create fulfilling accommodation experiences for all.”

Today, with OYO Philippines’ aggressive expansion in the country, travelers who want to explore the Philippines will be able to enjoy more affordable and quality accommodation.

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