New lessons to learn for the ‘new normal’ with helpful mobile apps

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The ‘new normal’ will be knocking in our doorsteps before we know it. And while we’re enjoying ourselves inside our home during the community quarantine period, let’s spare some time to learn new lessons that can help us cope with the new lifestyle.
Here are new lessons brought about by the creation of genius mobile apps that will definitely make us hijack any challenges ahead of us once the medical emergency is over.
1. For our safety, let us learn how to buy goods without using cash or even ATM cards. The ‘scan to pay’ feature of GCash just redefined how we buy in supermarkets, drug stores, fastfood restos, etc.

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GCash has even partnered with stalls in public markets so we can pay a kilo of tomatoes without pulling our wallet in the middle of a crowd. This makes us feel safer as we no longer need to bring cash and our cards anywhere we go. To get the list of merchants where we can scan to pay using the GCash mobile app, click here:

2. To save on time, let us learn how to shop groceries without a cart. When Puregold’s Sally app was launched, we realized both time and physical energy are gold.

With the Sally mobile app, we go around the supermarket scanning the bar code of whatever we need, then let the baggers fetch the items for us. This gives us the extra time to do another chore while our groceries are being prepared. Plus, the list of bought items is already saved on the app so we can always get back to it when up for another round of cart-less grocery shipping. To learn more about Puregold’s Sally mobile app, visit

3. Do we want to watch classic Filipino movies without opening old DVDs from the dusty shelf? Then let’s learn how to stream videos online. With iWant mobile app, we can watch a wide range of classic and newly-released Filipinos movies in the comfort of our home.

iWant goes beyond streaming movies. It also serves as our access to the live broadcast of ABS-CBN and DZMM Teleradyo online. To know more about iWant, log on to

4. Let us enjoy our dream gadget without compromising our budget. With the Home Credit mobile app, we can apply for financing services for furniture and gadgets anytime.

Home Credit works with a number of stores, so we can grab installment deals. It acts like a credit card service so it actually pays attention to our credit history. Thus, we should still be in perfect shape when managing our monthly bills and payables with this app. To see the list of partner merchants, click here:

5. Learn how to minimize physical meetings by conducting web conferences. Soon, there will be two kinds of meeting: web conferences via Zoom and the traditional face-to-face meet-ups.

With Zoom, all agenda that need an immediate resolution among team members are settled in no time. Product launches and press briefings can also be done using this mobile app, so any expenses for unnecessary physical meet-ups will be eliminated. To know how to use Zoom, visit here:

6. Let us learn how to make delivery guys a part of our kitchen. When we do not have the time to cook for our family, Food Panda is the go-to savior.

The Food Panda app shows all restaurants near us that offer food delivery add-ons for a minimal fee. So now, we can crave for milk tea or classic adobo meals anytime we want without the pressure of looking up where to grab that drink or take a bite. To see the list of restaurants on Food Panda, visit

7. Let us learn how to manage our social security benefits without heading to the Social Security System (SSS) office.

With the SSS mobile app, we can check our personal records, apply for salary loans, and review the status of the benefits due us as members. Now, Human Resource (HR) officers and SSS staff can focus on other important matters instead of wasting time pulling our record. To learn more about the services of SSS, visit

8. Let us learn how to ship small boxes and documents right away without delay. The Angkas mobile app makes delivery of small parcels very speedy and reliable.

Aside from its roadside pick-up arrangement to eliminate the inconvenience of bringing our parcel to the mall for a scheduled shipment, the Angkas app allows us to track the location of the courier handling our parcel as it moves forward to the location of our recipient. To check on the area coverage of Angkas, visit

They say, time will never be the same once the medical emergency is over. We are lucky to see these free mobile app inventions that should be used properly to save on expenses, manage time, and multiply productivity while approaching the opportunities of the new decade.

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