My Top Three Ways to avoid Covid-19

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Covid-19 has become a great threatening factor to our country and needless to say the whole world, as the World Health Organization or WHO has declared it a pandemic disease and is currently spreading worldwide. The current president of the Philippines through a press conference on multiple social media platforms, the news, and similar mediums has decided to impose a Metro Manila wide lockdown from March 15 to April 14, which has resulted to panic buying, causing great anxiety to the citizens, and having a multitude of people scurrying outside of Manila and back to their home provinces in hopes of avoiding being unable to leave the lockdown sector. The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority or MMDA has also unanimously decided to impose a curfew from 8 am to 5 am also advising malls to close down while the virus rages aside from the supermarkets and other food establishments that have home delivery services. Currently, society as a whole has been greatly affected and the economic sector has taken a large blow as well with multiple listed companies having a downward trend.

Some great news to be known though is the development of a testing kit by our very own researchers and health workers that can greatly help in finding people positive with the disease. Through knowing the people who have the disease it is helpful in containing the virus as it is possible to find the places where the virus could be present.

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While others turn to posting their dismay and disappointment with the late actions of the government, it is paramount to subscribe to the announcements of the government regarding proper healthcare as well as the quarantine. It is also important to participate and take part . The participation of the citizens in upholding the proper protocols when out in public, sanitizing, distancing from people with symptoms, and covering their mouths when coughing or sneezing are the best ways of avoiding the spread of the virus. As a mother of 5 children I just want to share this article that will discuss other ways of combatting the current spread of the virus and do my small part of helping out the public interest and keeping others safe as well.



Proper practice of basic hygiene is tantamount, frequent cleaning of hands with alcohol whenever outside or inside the house with 70% solution, which has been found to be effective against the virus. Covering the mouth with a handkerchief, towel, or tissue and whenever in a pinch, the crook of your elbow or your sleeves. The proper disposal of bodily fluids should also be strictly followed, it is not advisable to spit in public areas where many people can be exposed to. The strict implementation of hygienic will greatly hep in the battle against this ravaging pandemic. As discussed through the multiple social media platforms that the Department of Health has appeared on

Strong Immune System

Statistics have found that a greater number of the elderly are being affected by the virus and people who are known to have compromised immune systems like smokers. A strong and healthy immune system is important to fight against the virus as such it is important to adopt a healthier lifestyle that will greatly boost your immune system. Through proper diet and light exercises at home, as well as taking of extra multivitamin supplements complimenting proper diet and exercise will help greatly with your body’s natural defence against the virus.

Go Cashless

Money passes through many hands and in the process it may become exposed to the contagion and spread the virus even further. The passing around of money goes against the advice of social distancing as announced by the Department of Health, so a great way of adhering to this is the use of cashless apps that allow you to pay through your phone. Luckily I have the GCash app on my phone, the GCash app allows me to pay through my phone in a large number of establishments, establishments like Puregold where I do my grocery shopping, as well as other restaurants where one can get food like Bonchon and Army Navy which is a favourite with my children. This cashless app helps me to avoid the use of money which may possibly spread the virus even further, it is a wonderful and convenient alternative to using cash, with a quick press of a button and a scan your transaction is done and you don’t even have to touch another person. The convenience of the GCash app also extends to the availability of loading stations, you can either do it from bank apps or you can have it loaded in stores and bank, the ease and convenience brought about the cashless app GCash is nearly endless when used properly.

Going cashless in a time where it is possible to contract a virus through contact is a boon to everyone. Quick and easy transactions with limited to no person to person contact can greatly reduce the chance of contracting the virus. If we all work together in upholding the proper decorum during this pandemic, I believe we can reduce the impact of this problem and beat the virus once and for all.


Let’s all do our part, pray and these too shall pass


And don’t forget to obey first before you start to complain, for this is for the betterment of our nation and  our love ones.




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