Manulife’s new digital short, “Firsts,” encourages Filipinos to face the year with renewed hope and opportunities

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Manulife Philippines recently launched its newest digital short film, “Firsts,” which encourages Filipinos to remain hopeful despite uncertainties, and to look forward to a future filled with “new firsts.”

“The path forward may seem rough and uneven, as we are still dealing with or recovering from the challenges brought by the pandemic. Despite this, we at Manulife believe that we need to continue to look forward – reaching for our goals and dreams for a better future. We want to share that sense of hope with Filipinos,” said Melissa Henson, Manulife Philippines’ Chief Marketing Officer.


“Our new digital film aims to inspire Filipinos to find strength, courage and gratitude from past experiences, no matter how difficult, and believe that they can rebuild, thrive and bounce forward. By taking challenges as opportunities to be braver and stronger, we can all take the first step towards whatever comes next, and make every day better. Life may not be how it used to be, and challenges will be certain, but Manulife reminds everyone that life will always be worth seeing through,” Henson added.


“Firsts” can be streamed on Manulife’s Facebook page or YouTube channel.


For those who want to take that first bold step towards financially securing their future, Manulife Philippines offers a wide range of award-winning products and services specially designed to respond to Filipinos’ evolving needs. For more information, visit

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