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Being happy and healthy is a challenge nowadays, especially with the fear of the Covid Virus still hanging above our heads like a guillotine that can drop at any moment. This fear is even more apparent to me as my age is already quite progressed and I even live at home with my Father who is a senior citizen.

At my age, it gets harder and harder to stay active and energetic due to old age. Lethargy becomes a great problem for me since being lethargic also makes me more susceptible to diseases. To combat this predicament, I take a cocktail of vitamins and nutrient supplements but the amount of pills I have to consume becomes a hassle and I would forget about it frequently as well.

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I found that taking a multivitamin helps me better to remind me to take supplements everyday, and one of the most effective multivitamin supplements that I found was produced by Unilab.

Unilab is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies that has served the Filipino people for years and years, recently they have also set up shop on one of the most famous online shopping platforms, Shopee.

In their shop you can find a number of different drugs that can help protect you in your day to day life. As a matter of fact, I was able to buy my own stock of multivitamin nutrients, Enervon-C being one of them. This multivitamin contains 500mg of Vitamin C and Vitamin B complexes that are important for your immunity as well as energy retention. I highly recommend this multivitamin for anyone that worries for their health and even those who don’t, being conscious for your health nowadays should be deemed important. Even more so that the cold months are about to approach us, getting sick and having colds are completely normal.

However, there is still a threat of the pandemic looming, therefore being sick for an extended period of time is not advisable. Which is why I make it a habit to drink medicine as soon as I start feeling sick, and a good go to drug is the Biogesic Paracetamol that can also be found in the Unilab Shopee Store. I make it a habit to keep myself healthy, so that I can also make sure that I keep the people around me healthy.

But sometimes you just can’t help it and you need to travel either for work or leisure. Unilab still has you covered, they have a Basic Travel Essentials kit that includes multivitamins to keep your energy up, Biogesic to relieve you quicker from any body pain or fever, and lastly you can also find Diatabs to make sure your stomach doesn’t betray you during long road trips. Being careful has never hurt anyone, and during these turbulent times full of dangers to your health the value of staying healthy is seen even more. So make sure to grab your own stock of Unilab products to ensure you and your family’s health and safety.

Boost your productivity this season by staying happy, healthy, and protected with Unilab’s Biogesic and Enervon, up to 50% off this June 20 only on Shopee!


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